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Released in september 2003, the volkswagen 7l series i 7l. Also, there was a recent discovery about one of the procedures and the door chime. Im going to try this, and prefer it to physical blanking or disabling entirely, as this way the engine will still correctly calculate the fueling based on the air moving past the maf and exhaust gases being introduced post maf via egr. Volkswagen compatible obd2 and elm327 outils obd facile. Please read our club touareg community rules and our terms of serviceuse. Long coding helper for short coding decrypting several control modules will use an additive coding, or binary for the soft coding. Just remember to have the engine off and key on when doing the window mod or it wont accept and then after you are done make sure to reset all the factory settings to enable the changes in the car menu. Rosstech vcds software vagcom diagnostics for audi. Thanks for the links guys it all work as it should, wow its a lot harder than the mk6 was but its the way i want it now. Vag can pro professional vcp diagnostic and coding tool. I recently found the following info to possibly manipulate the egr behavior on my treg via vcds. Some sections are marked with 7la prefacelift and 7l6 facelift, please decide yourself which one you have. In this short video i show how i upload the porsche cayenne transmission map on my t3 touareg tdi 2012. Touareg coding changes for radio, seat belt warning, and.

Vxdas here provides some trouble shootings and specific car list for you. The following vcds compatibility charts are based on model. This professional version can be used on unlimited number of cars vin numbers. Oct 24, 2017 process for drl control mod for 20082010 touareg 7l. Vcds works well with all engines available in the u. Our vcds cables allow fully activated and unlimited access to all features of ross techs vcds 1 6. Older vcds versions may not support all of the model years. A list of features or functions have a numeric value, add up the values to get the sum total and that is the coding. Vcds interface original plan support update online and latest car models. On our 2004 touareg v8, we had the following options enabled from the factory. Original factory design vag com vcds, support english, german, french. Browse volkswagen touareg wheels, brakes and tires listed on ebay. Vcds upload porsche cayenne transmission map on vw touareg. Full forum listing top photos go to showcase franky619 22 d ago.

Volkswagenaudi vehicle communication software manual snapon. This purpose of this thread is to list and document all tested vagcom coding changes for the touareg and touareg2 with canbus. General information about this model can be found in the wikipedia entry. It will read and clear both generic and manufacture fault codes. Rosstech is not responsible for any damage or problems that may result from following these instructions. Vag vcds hex can usb interface have update to the latest version v15. Vcds vagcom hexnet professional wifiusb, unlimited vins. Several thousand obd2compatible vehicles have been tested by our customers with klavkarr. Enter any further vin character requests and answer any yes or no questions. Vcds reset adblue for vw touareg tdi diesel 2009 7. Check that the klavkarr diagnostic scanner will work with your car.

Vcds reset adblue for vw touareg tdi diesel 2009 auto repair. Touareg diy and technical info hi,could someone advice me on oil, after looking at the spec, i purchased 15 litres of castrol edge 5w 30 long life, vw 505507. For example, the 7l touareg central electronics does this. The hexnet wifi interface works with vcds vagcom diagnostic system, via usb or wireless via wifi, turning a windows pc into a factory level diagnostic tool for volkswagen, audi, seat or skoda automobiles. Here they are listed, the 5 vagcom tricks for the touareg. These coding changes apply to 2015 t3 touareg, and may be similar on many other vw and audi. As the warnings goes, please do not try these at home, stunt driver on. Look horizontally across the vcds compatibility chart until you find the model year 2006 and you can determine which interfaces is required for that chassis. Summary of vagcom tweaks for the touareg t1 20042007. Touareg coding changes for radio, seat belt warning, and windows vcds tutorial duration.

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