Transformers animated thundercracker voyager class shockwave

The shockwave name returned to the transformers toy line in the us as part of the transformers. Transformers animated shockwave is a really cool figure. R each past the big screen and build the ultimate transformers collection with studio series figures, inspired by iconic movie scenes and designed with deco and figure scales that reflect the movie universe. Shockwave was left to watch cybertron by megatron long ago, but he would eventually follow the call of the allspark to earth. Generations power of the primes voyager class inferno transformers. It has four conversion modes shockwave robot mode, shockwave cybertronian tank mode, longarm prime robot mode, and longarm prime crane mode. Transformers animated voyager class shockwave mib by hasbro tfsource code. As longarm prime, he is as large as the transformers animated lugnut figure in robot mode. Transformers animated voyager class shockwave purple target. His disguise is very unique, and even more so in his toy. Animated arcee and shockwave toy listings july 6th, 2008 11. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. In this form, with his cybertronian alternate mode, he made only a few appearances, most notably in the transformers animated movie introduction. Transformers studio series 12 voyager class movie 1.

Since then other characters from have been introduced in other transformers stories, most similar to the original. As explosions shake the air around him, thundercracker rains down destruction on the autobots, relishing in the spread of fear among. Transformers animated voyager class shockwave mib tfsource. Stay away from his creepy laboratory, unless you want to become a warped science experiment. Some characters do not have an official name, or any name at all.

Able to change his voice, energy signature, and even his appearance at will, he has spent years infiltrating the autobot power structure. Thundercracker transformers works archive of our own. Latest addition to the tfa voyager class figures, shockwave and skywarp arrived to toywiz now. Bigbadtoystore has a massive selection of toys like action figures, statues, and collectibles from marvel, dc comics, transformers, star wars, movies, tv shows, and more. Finally, the remaining seeker gets a voyager class figure. Tfw2005 member automaster has spotted some new transformers animated toy listings in walmarts computers. The autobot drones decide to blow up the place, but thundercracker and shockwave make it out, leaving dreadwing to perish in the explosion. Representing his double nature in the cartoon, animated shockwave becomes both the autobot longarm and decepticon shockwave, featuring four distinct modes. Each figure in the studio series lineup is inspired by an iconic movie scene and designed with specs and details to reflect the transformers movie universe. Transformers animated follows the 2007 movie line as the next incarnation of the transformers franchise, the first series in years to be produced outside japan. Sentinel prime voyager class shockwave voyager class sideswipe deluxe class sideswipe legion class skyhammer voyager class soundwave deluxe class soundwave human alliance soundwave legion class space case deluxe class starscream deluxe class thundercracker deluxe class topspin deluxe class topspin legion class. One of the most unique and stylish iterations of the transformers franchise ever, transformers animated gives a look and feel all its own.

A ruthless and logical cycloptic decepticon paired with sigh another bumblebee. Transformers generations gdo voyager class protectobot hot spot. Includes transformers studio series exclusive voyager thundercracker ages 8 and up warning. There was a voyager class figure in the toy line for the first movie, a kmart exclusive legends class figure and then a deluxe figure in the dark of the moon toy line. Since a real f22 is 1890 centimeters long, this toy has a scale of about 190 scale and thundercracker would stand about 55 feet 17 m tall. Thundercracker is the name of eight fictional characters in the transformers series. The first shockwave was a decepticon military operations commander who turned into a giant raygun. New images of animated voyager thundercracker and voyager blackout the animated toyline is far from dead, as figures that were shown at san diego comic con 2009 appear to be well under production. The very iconic and memorable shockwave in the animated series is popular for his double agent persona. Transformers studio series voyager exclusive thundercracker. Of course, he is a vastly superior redeco of his inferior template, starscream, and his fellow and even more inferior clones, that worthless coward skywarp and that twobit suckup sunstorm. Toys studio series 56 leader class dark of the moon shockwave action figure kids. This commander class shockwave comes with a bigger treaded cannon that can turn into a weapons mount, mobile weapon, and a base. Energon voyager shockblast shockwave generations deluxe.

Shockwave however has not appeared as a voyager class figure until now, yet the designers needed to give him beast like. Longarm as an autobot spy and shockwave as his actual self. In infiltration mode, the shorter, stockier autobot longarm transforms into a fourlegged crane platform. The last knight voyager class shockwave 2017 released by takara tomy to conclude the 10th anniversary of the liveaction film series, this shockwave is an extensive redeco of his voyager class toy. This studio series 09 voyager class toys r us exclusive thundercracker figure is inspired by the chicago aerial offensive scene from the movie transformers. Optimus prime leader voyager class beast hunters transformers hasbro 2012. Transformers voyager thundercracker 2007 a lightblue recolor of voyager class starscream, featuring an alternate head sculpt. Thanks to we get photos directly from hasbro this also. Shop for transformers voyager class online at target. Dark of the moon mechtech voyager shockwave is sneaky and powerful, the fiercest opponent for autobots.

Voyager class shockwave transformers, animated, decepticon. Animated activators thundercracker 2008 a dark blue redeco of animated activators starscream. His is the hand that ensures decepticon plans remain secret from the autobots. Animated class deluxe transformers shockwave 6 sealed moc figure soundwave new new soundwave figure animated 6 sealed class moc transformers deluxe shockwave. Since a real f22 is 1890 centimeters long, this toy has a scale of about 190 scale and thundercracker would stand about 55. In the chicago aerial offensive scene inspired by transformers. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at. The transformers fandom finally gets to view stock images of animated voyager thundercracker and mudbuster bulkhead. Transformers generations combiner wars legends class. This is a list of decepticons from the transformers fictional universe and toyline. Cybertron deluxe downshift x2 cybertron deluxe excellion x2 cybertron deluxe thundercracker. Transformers 2014 kreo class of 1984 arcee bluestreak brawn bumblebee cliffjumper frenzy gears hound huffer ironhide jazz megatron mirage optimus prime perceptor prowl ratchet rumble shockwave sideswipe shrapnel soundwave starscream sunstreaker thundercracker trailbreaker ultra magnus wheeljack windcharger. Animated has quickly gathered a huge fan following.

New images of animated voyager thundercracker and voyager. One of the most screenaccurate toylines produced to this day, these toys hold a special place on the shelf of many collecticons. Many of the starscream toys were recolored as his clones skywarp, thundercracker, ramjet, dirge and sunstorm. Dark of the moon, thundercracker tears through the skies over chicago. Transformers studio series 09 voyager class movie 2 thundercracker. Though preproduction units have been shown online, the figure has yet to be released on retail. Packaged with tankor, a minicon autobot, shockwave himself is of decepticon allegiance and a member of the sky attack team. Remember the praise i had for the design of the voyagerclass decepticon lugnut, in that there was littletono kibble on his undercarriage compared to almost all past flying transformers toys. Buy hasbro transformers animated voyager class skywarp. Series 09 voyager class dark of the moon thundercracker. Shockwave transformers neo encyclopedia wiki fandom. The original thundercracker was introduced in 1984 as one of villainous decepticons in the generation 1 stories, able to turn into a blue jet fighter. Shockwave is the name of eight fictional characters from the transformers series.

Transformers animated voyager class shockwave and skywarp. The alternate modes of decepticons are usually military vehicles, to contrast with the civilian vehicles favored by the autobots see list of autobots. Transformers studio series voyager class thundercracker. The shockwave figure itself, it appears, is a smaller version of the voyager class mould. The weapons base is moddled on the driller, likely to be the only toy representation of the beast that will ever be released. Voyager class thundercracker transformers, movie, decepticon. Left free to pursue his own interests on earth following the departure of the two other transformer factions, shockwave has spent the last decade.

Animated starscream also received numerous toys in many size classes during the run of the animated toy line. Transformers prime beast hunters voyager class shockwave. Shockwaves ability to disguise himself as longarm is a homage to transformers animated shockwave, who infiltrated the autobot ranks as longarm. The listings include deluxe class swindle, blurr and waspinator, plus voyager class wreck gar and skywarp as well as revealing the existence of two new transformers animated toys. When the toy is in shockwave s robot mode, he is just as tall as the transformers animated starscream in robot mode. Transformers dark of the moon mechtech weapon system voyager class decepticon shockwave level 2 29699 few have ever seen shockwave and lived. Official images of animated voyager thundercracker and. When the toy is in shockwaves robot mode, he is just as tall as the transformers animated starscream in robot mode. Plus, hes always inventing evil weapons for the decepticons that make my job way harder. Of course, it was this forms decapitated head which featured so prominently in the series until his return with earth mode helicopter. In 2008 a mcdonalds happy meal was produced with a simple transforming starscream toy inside to promote the series. The cunning and brutal decepticon scientist shockwave plans to clone an unstoppable predacon army. Well, the undercarriage kibble returns with a vengeance not even attempting to hide the robot parts, just like all of starscreams predecessors.

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