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The switchyard is located approximately 850 feet southwest of the right abutment of the dam, and approximately 170 feet higher than the top of the dam. Sourcing of equipment from reputed sources, issuing technical specifications, tender evaluation, recommendation report and suggestion for procurement of following equipment and systems. Data exchange plays a crucial role in the planning and design process. Switchyard definition of switchyard by the free dictionary. Starting with executive editor andy sperandeos san jacinto district plan, the designer broadened the. You also have unit tests for the service and transformation. Selection and ordering of equipment, which is usually done in a utility company by a. Suite 700 lakewood, co 80228 303 4621100 phone 303 8257110 fax. Move groups of connected equipment as units to change positions quickly. What is the difference between a substation and a switchyard. This drawing also provides you with a good autocad template autocad. Substation design suite software is a big part of the future of substation design.

The layout of the substation is very important since there should be a security of supply. The designer of this layout drew inspiration from a track plan published in model railroader in february 1980. Troubleshooting switchyard and substation equipment. The usual arrangement of connections in most substations permit working on almost any piece of equipment without interruption to incoming or outgoing feeders. An outage due to malfunctioning of any item is disastrous. Designing of high voltage power substation and layout photo by.

These drawings are made in computer aided drafting cad software. Software development 10% 22% 56% 12% 25 years 15 25 years 5 14 years trains and model railroad layouts. It is an open source software as well that you can use. Recognize and describe the function of a substation. Like all other equipment, a procedural format is followed by the manufacturers, to generate a list of various parts of all the equipment, erected in a switchyard. Produce greenfield and brownfield designs up to 40 percent faster with openutilities substation. Recognize and identify the basic equipment found in substations. The ergon energy design philosophy is to provide substations. Switchyard station switchyard means collection of electrical equipment, where high voltage electricity is switched using of various component.

Ecis staff remains dedicated in maintaining a high level of technical knowledge, incorporating leading edge concepts and solutions for all facets of substation design while utilizing stateoftheart technical tools and software. Ct, pt, isolator, circuit breaker, lightning arrestor etc. Removable bus sections can also be provided to permit movement of large equipment. Identify the major parts of a transmission and distribution system. Civil design and drawings for substations foundation and. In the switchyard or substation, buses are open to the air. Electrical switchyards are usually part of a substation where electricity is transformed from one voltage to. We have constructed hundreds of highvoltage substations, switch stations and interconnect stations nationwide from 34.

Substation system software applications cyme grids eaton. Recognize and describe the function of a switchyard. Design and development of 5mw solar pv grid connected power. For the voltage at which the earth clearance is 8 feet, the space required will be the same whether a section clearance or an earthed barrier is used. Its primary use is to deliver power generated to the grid. Power plant switching station switchyard electrical.

This opensource software written in java is developed in projects. The most used outdoor switchyard layouts you should know. Recloser circuit breakers or fuses may be used for protection of distribution circuits. Fritzing is one of the best free electrical design software for windows. The substation design manual is not intended to replace asset management standards, but rather to act as a reference document that crossreferences existing standards and process documentation and plugs any gaps where asset management documentation does not exist. For other jboss articles, see jboss disambiguation. This is a list of articles for jboss software, and projects from the jboss community and red hat. Hv substation project brief history et bihl d i 1987 f th il ti f l hv mv d established in 1987 for the realization of complex hv, mv and lv projects. A type of switch use to open or close a circuit to route power through a switchyard, or to protect substations or switchyard equipment combination substation a substation and a switchyard that are combined in one location. Refinement of preliminary design for substationswitchyard earthing. The base plate of the support structure is bolted to the concrete pad by foundation bolts. The antbased installer is a bit more flexible in terms of options and also preserves existing eap configuration.

Browse schneider electric variable speed drives software and effectively commission, program and customize altivar variable speed drives. Circuit breakers are used to interrupt any shortcircuits or overload currents that may occur on the network. What is the difference between a switchgear and a switchyard. How and where can i learn the designing and which is the best software to design one.

Jul 15, 2015 perform layout in 3d using a catalog of equipment objects that snap together at predefined hook points. Many electric utilities have a preference for certain arrangements which they have adopted as standard. Cad drawings preparations for substations substations. Sectional clearance is composed of the reach of a man, taken as 8 feet, plus an earth clearance. Detailed syllabus for substation design course, our syllabus is comprehensive,structured and aim to build design career in epc companies,aedei syllabus bases on the epc industries, all the content and syllabus are realated to the industries, aedei is providing priactical projects on substration design. Perform layout in 3d using a catalog of equipment objects that snap together at predefined hook points. Substation design software solution bentley systems. Projects range from small facility additions to major 500 kv switchyards and generation interconnect stations.

Openutilities substation design software bentley systems. Use builtin 3d tools to design the grounding grid and lightning protection and analyze cable sag, clearances, and clashes. High voltage equipment, substructures, cable ducts, wires, tubes, clamps, roads and. Substation and switchyard both are different and these two switchyard is the inter connector between generation and transmission, and same voltage is mentained in switchyard, substation is the inter connector between transmission and distribution. High and extra high voltage structures, steel tower analysis and reinforcement design, factory acceptance tests, monopole and steel tower design using all the latest industry software tools plscadd, bocad, etc. These layout would reveal a physical position of each equipments. Using pds drawing manager for preparing vhl vector hidden line extraction layouts from the 3d models and preparing drawings for the drafters. Plant layout equipment layout piping engineering electrical engineering switchyard design instrumentation dcs, plc, microprocessor plant building design civil works, civil foundation design for plant, equipment, tg, chimney etc structural design and engineering.

World leading cadcaesoftware for intelligent substation design. Highvoltage equipment, subsidiary constructions, tubes, cables, foundations. Introducing a bold, new digital ecosystem and an open, global community of innovative problem solvers. Substation design suite substation design software spatial. Breakers, isolators, earth switch, ct, cvt, wave trap etc brief description of modes of transmission conclusion. Electrical design software schneider electric global. Substation design suite sds consists of two powerful electrical substation design. Buses are merely convenient means of connecting switches and other equipment into various arrangements. The fill for embankment ranges up to 27 feet in depth and the cut for excavation ranges up to 24 feet in depth. Mesa is a womanminorityowned full service multidiscipline engineering, procurement, and construction management firm specializing in providing engineering services to electric utility, heavy industrial, and government clients. Our civil engineers have long experience of carrying out design calculations manually by excel or by staad software and drawings for these foundations for ehv switchyard equipment. Feb 06, 2020 well i am currently working in a switchyard in a power plant so i can give the answer of this question. I need a free software for earthmat design for 33kv to 400 kv substations in india.

Types of graded yards there are generally three basic profiles for substation yards. Supporting the standard substation designs are standard materials in the form of equipment. Building a new substation or retrofitting the old one is a complex process full of design. Switchyard equipment such as beams, insulators, busbars and equipment connections, foundations, ground grid, cable ducts, etc. Bus designs realtime utilizes software to model rigid tubular bus systems as a. Review of vendor drawings of outdoor switchyard ais equipments viz. Specify switchyard example for the context path and press finish.

Eatons cymgrd software assists the engineer in designing the grounding grids. Any switchyard being upstream in the load flow diagram, anything and everything in a switchyard, is very critical. Flat yards the basic flat yard is more desirable for the layout and operational function of a substation. Robert dickey technician senior drafter tetra tech. Installing switchyard switchyard project documentation editor. The spacing of the branches is determined by the switchyard configuration. Layout plan, elevation, general arrangements, single line diagrams, schematic drawings need to be prepared before the construction work of any substation or transmission line is started. A switchyard layout plan elevation drawing shows location of various outdoor equipment in a hvehv switchyard, working and safety clearances among them, ground clearances, sizes of equipment, equipment connection details, insulation levels, boq, space requirement, approach road, road inside the switchyard, ease of equipment handling in the.

To meet above conditions, various layouts see table 1 have evolved for the circuit configurations. This opensource software written in java is developed in projects, and productized with commerciallevel support by red hat. Kevin fuller has more than 27 years of design, construction and project management experience in low, medium and high voltage electrical systems required for substation, distribution system and generation projects. Installing switchyard switchyard project documentation. It located just outside the power station and operates only at a single voltage level. If you carefully see the picture you can anticipate something about switchyard.

You will find a very long range of electrical instruments and devices in this software. Download this free cad block of a substation enclosure including dimensions fully annotated text and colour hatch. Designing substations for the future autodesk university. Often the most desirable arrangement has the main buses at higher elevations than the buses and equipment in the substation bays. In an ideal substation all circuits and equipment would be duplicated such that following a fault, or during maintenance, a connection remains available. Syllabus of substation design course advance electrical. Sample drawings of power distribution projects equipment. Pmi revision 00 presentation outline understanding basics of switchyard switchyard equipments and schemes components of switchyard. Substation design volume ii physical layout instructor. Answer shubham batham a switchyard is where the power is maintained at same level without change of voltage after generating transformer the power is feed to the switchyard with the help of conductor bar. Though not much on3 equipment is commercially available, manufacturers sell kits for converting on21. Distribution substations michigan technological university. In this way, the main buses will not block the removal of equipment located in the substation interior.

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